Asiana Hospitality Academy Course Outlines

F&B Course Outlines

  1. Food and Beverage Industry
  2. Food and Beverage Operation and Management
  3. Food and Beverage Hospitality Operations Personnel and Staff
  4. Catering and Events Operation
  1. Front-of-the-House Food and Beverage Service Areas and Equipment
  2. Menu Knowledge and Essential Service Technical Skills
  3. Food and Beverage Table Service Methods
  4. Food and Beverage SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures)
  1. Back-of-the-House Food and Beverage Service Areas and Equipment
  2. Health, Safety, Hygiene in Food Handling and Preparation
  3. Inventory Management and Operation
  4. Beverage Knowledge – Non-Alcohol and Alcohol
  1. Exceptional Service with a S.M.I.L.E.
  2. Communicating for Service
  3. Interpersonal Skills
  4. Developing the “a-ha” Hospitality Culture
  1. Your Success Begins with You
  2. Catch the Spirit!
  3. Look the Part, Be the Part
  4. Customer MAGIC
  5. Making Connections
  6. CO-Operate
  7. You are Onstage!
  8. Commit to Change
  9. Quizzes & Assessment

A.H.A. Course Outlines

M1 Your Success Begins With YOU

M2 Catch the Spirit

M3 Look the Part Be the Part

M4 Customer Magic

M5 Making Connections

M6 Co Operate

M7 You are On Stage

M8 Commit to Change

M1 Business Communication Overview

M2 Channels of Communication

M3 Communication Non Verbal

M4 Communication Verbal

M5 Effective Presentations

M6 Written Communication

M7 Business Correspondence I

M8 Business Correspondence II

M9 Enhancing Your Listening Skills

M10 Effective Business Reading

M1 21st Century Supervisor

M2 Essential Soft Skill Traits

M3 Effective Communication

M4 Art of Asking Effective Questions

M5 Orientation and Training

M6 Motivating Your Team

M7 Staffing and Scheduling

M8 Conflict and Resolution

M9 Coach For Success

M10 Supervising in a Multicultural Workplace

M1 Diversity and Management Skills

M2 Developing Inner Leadership Part 1

M3 Developing Inner Leadership Part 2

M4 Culture and Cultural Conditioning

M5 Overcoming Cultural Barriers and Stereotypes

M6 Effective Cross Cultural Communication Part 1

M7 Effective Cross Cultural Communication Part 2

M8 Managing Conflict

M9 Building and Motivating Multicultural Teams

M10 Leadership Legacy